At GLOBE, we believe in LYING IT our way!(new tagline)


Dear Globe,

We are an existing subscriber of your wi-max services with acount number 838450319 under the account name of Nelson Avanzado Mendoza with billing address at Unit 2 RKL Building, M. Alimario street, San Pablo City. I would like to raise a lot of issues regarding your internet provision as well as the services rendered by the so-called customer service.

In the span of approximately 10 months of subscription, the internet services has been cut several times which you can see from the records of complain logs. I even had a time when we lost connection for 5 days that cost you to extend a rebate which I appreciated, hence, the loss we had for the business is not acceptable.

The latest issue we had that made me really frustrated and furious, Log: BCR110408681 Order no: 7449687, are ellaborated below:

–          I went to Globe Business Centre on 27 April at 10am to complain. Alongside, we called 211 to log the same complain and a note of the issue has been  logged through your customer relations department. Internet connection is completely lost for one whole day that gave us a loss of approximately Php 80,000 gross sales for airline ticket.

–          On 27 April, around 9am, your third party contractors came to check the connection. It was advised by them that the modem has restarted by itself and they have put a new username and password. I just don’t understand why it happens that way without changing its properties. They left, than after 3 hours the internet connection started  to go on and off again. We again called the technicians directly. Another 2 came and checked it. It worked for nearly 45 minutes then it stopped again at about 2pm. We called the technicians and globe hotlines and they advised that they will come back. Till 4pm, no one came.

–          I then personally went to Globe Business Centre again to follow up. The customer service Named BETH called the technicians in front of me and she was advised that the technicians are already on their way to the location. I was left with an impression that it will be fixed. I then went back to the office with the same guarantee, until 6.30pm, no one came again.

–          I tried calling another number from the technicians, and I was advised that they did not speak to anyone. I then called up Beth again and advised her that the technicians are denying the fact that she spoke to them. This gives an impression that GLOBE Employees and its subsidiaries are all bunch of LIARS.

–          With the internett off on 28 April, a walk in who is supposed to purchase an international air ticket amounting to Php 134,000 gross and is flying on 30 April went to another place to get the tickets, this is due to your crappy services.

The problem is, your technicians are not equipped to do their job and this gives a bad impression to the entire entity of Globe Telecoms. Your technicians should go and search for the root of the problem instead of temporarily rectifying it to avoid recurrence in the future. If the previous issues has been solved, then this interruptions should have not happened anymore.

I know, a typical Filipino reaction, you will disregard this issue and complain letter and will never get back to me. This is not the USA that we can always sue a provider for bad service but this can give you a big impact with the kind of services you provide.  This is how unprofessional FILIPINOS and GLOBE may be as they are AFRAID to face challenges and  handle complains and issues in the most professional manner, pathetic isn’t it?But you know in yourselves that your are not trained enough to do the job and that this makes you a person who does not differ to scavengers in the streets.
I never had any delinquency issues with the payment of the services even if you do not send your Billing Statement on time before the due date, I always pay ahead of time and I do not deserve this kind of service, never at all!

I DEMAND A WRITTEN REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.If none received, then this means how unprofessional all of you are. Do not dare to chase me if I have to terminate the contract as it is my right based on the Consumer’s Rights Act that I am able to cut any contracts if I am not happy of the services I am paying for.  A copy of this has been forwarded to my lawyer for filing purposes.  Thank you.


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