Next Stop-Middle East!oopss…NAIA only!

Thousands of Filipinos are dreaming to work abroad. It is already in our mentality that this is the easiest and best way to alleviate ones life. The odd part of this dream is how to realize it effectively. Filipinos find each and every way on how they are able to find the right place in the globe for them. Target: Middle EAST!

Having lived in the UAE (DUBAI) for more than 5 years, I have experienced the life in the  Middle East. It was no easy way to live in a foreign land all by yourself. At times, I thought that I just moved out of the Philippines but everything is still the same. I was once those who came on visit visa, exposed myself over a scorching 47 degrees walking through the pavement and finding a job. It was by luck (opportunity meets effort) that I landed a  job in a prestigious multi-national company. Now, here is the trick?Does anyone wants to do the same?

News of human trafficking is a noise nowadays. Heard a very strict implementation on the said issue. Ahhh, so this is the reason for a massive offloading happening at the Philippine Immigration Counters at all of our International Gateways? Let us try to peel off a bit…why do they offload?

On the Government’s point of view: Juan goes to the middle east carrying a visit visa with him. He tried to find a job. No job found. He overstayed and caught by the immigration. So Juan asked the help of the Philippine Embassy. Since he is not a registered OFW, it will take him ages to be repatriated. Juan then blames the government for not taking immediate action. Then blame goes to the government alone, not considering the fact that Juan took a risk. But how many Juans are there doing the same thing?Imagine the airfare darlin’…..

On the citizen’s point of view: Juan got an employment contract from a company. An employment visa is issued for him, an authentic one. He was sent a one way ticket to Middle East. Immigration refused as he did not registered to POEA, OWWA, TESDA etc. He got offloaded. Common, the guy has a SURE future already with a guarantee of a work on arrival. He did not took the PDOS as it will take him ages to finish the documentation, talking about Philippine government agencies speed and efficiency here, and if he is unable to come on time, then the company will terminate his contract!Poor Juan, crying at NAIA, do not know what to do!

My view on this: The government should allow these citizens to leave the country and go to the destination where there is a valid WORK PERMIT waiting for them. Registering at POEA is not a question, they can do that and register themselves for OFW or immediately on departure at the airport. There should be a counter for them to do this without hassle. It is not right to stop the people in pursuing their dreams of working abroad because they cannot offer the same package that these mighty citizens are being offered with! I feel embarrassed and pity them for they lose a lot of money and efforts as well, and at worst, they end up being terminated due to the delay for which they even  haven’t started yet!Pathetic isn’t it?

The worst part of being offloaded is they bring you to a room, ask you to fill up a paper and sometimes asks you to give them bribe money!Whatda f*ck! This is extortion! Some people who are even bound for a holiday is being questioned! On a personal note, should I have not demanded for the NAIA General Manager to show up and speak to me during a recent trip to Singapore, I could have been offloaded myself!Why?Because I am an ex-UAE Resident even if I was a member of OWWA and POEA? Oh man, you would not want to see me freaking out and shouting it all off my chest at the immigration counter of Cebu Pacific Terminal 3!

Now , for the the Juan’s and Maria’s out there, just be confident! Think whether this is what you really wanna do and make sure you have a proper back up in terms of plans in case something like this happens!

Just a thought..just what jowjowthinks….


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1 Response to Next Stop-Middle East!oopss…NAIA only!

  1. Ronaldo L. Ursolum says:

    How can I get a special exit clearance from POEA for a training tourist visa?

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