“Indeed-pendence Day Lunch”

It is such an honor that we were invited by a fashion icon, Patis Tesoro to join her and her friends for an “Independence Day” lunch at her San Pablo abode, Patis Tito Garden Cafe (Formerly Kusina Salud) at Brgy. Sta. Cruz Putol, San Pablo City. We left the house at around 10am decided to pass through Dolores, Quezon. I know that there is a road that will lead us there but somehow skeptical if the pavements are concrete already.We stopped once and asked a lady passing if we are to turn to the right corner leading to Putol. My instinct worked, that’s the right way. I am amazed upon passing a lake along the road. It is so beautifully sculpted, but of course with fish cages here and there. The view of a coconut plantation and a laid-back kind of living is somewhat fascinating too. It is thrilling also to really keep your car on the sides everytime there is another vehicle on the opposite lane, but good thing is, there is no harsh overtaking-due to the road size.

As we approached Patis’ Garden Cafe, I passed through it first when I saw a bridge. I knew that there is a stream underneath. It was exactly the same place where Robin Padilla and Sharon Cuneta shot their film ” Maging Sino Ka Man” way, way back about more than a decade ago. The place is a bit different now. The thatched house they used for the film is changed to a concrete mansion-like home. I took pictures of myself on the  bridge as I will send it to my best friend in Dubai (big-time Megastar Fanatic).

We went inside the compound of Patis Tesoro’s farm home after some photo ops. We parked comfortably as there is only one car there at that time. We had to look around. We were fascinated at the bird sanctuary and aviary that she has. Not to mention of course, are the different plants that she grows which she has planted herself. I am impressed and at the same time, felt so relaxed in this paradise-like ambience.

We were gladly welcomed by her friendly staff and was cordially escorted to a table for two reserved for us. A name handwritten “Lax-Tour Agency” gave a bit of an exciting for someone like me being part of a special guest of a famous environmentalist and fashion icon!PWEW! Tito Tito (Patis’ husband) approached us and said with all confidence, “Thank you LAX for coming!” (wow!isn’t that great that he knows my name????). Other guests started arriving, one after the other, some with family members, some with friends and some with aide-de-camps….(suddenly thought of how does it feel to get off a luxury car while a body guard opens your door and walks after you while shaking hands and making-beso to socialites?—in my dreams!lolz)

Buffet was opened. It starting to wake up my sleeping gastronomic appetite on a Sunday, a supposedly rest day spent at home. The buffet were nicely prepared and seems irresistible to anyone on diet. I took an ample serving of the ever-so-famous “Ensalatang Pako”, I chose the fish sauce with calamansi and honey over the honeymustard dressing. I then got 2 slices of the fried vegetable lumpia (spring rolls), the Steamed Sticky Rice (which I have fallen in loved with) and Kaldereta Shephered’s Pie (Beef Stew). I started my helping with the Garlic Soup, (very addictive) then went on to the salad. I promise, I can eat that whole salad bowl-filled in one seating! I continue enjoying the rest of the meal…BURPPP!(a really big one!). I went back to the buffet table to satisfy my sweet tooth. Took a slice of Maja con Mais and Turon con Latik-I was so speechless!To add up is the refreshing Lemongrass Calamansi Tea….

While we are enjoying the house specialty, brewed pandan coffee, Patis started to introduce us to some of her guests. I was amaze but tried to hide my awe-(star struck in lay man’s term). I meet an Ambassador and some others!Amazing isn’t it?I find her so helpful and sincere as she wants me to at least meet contacts for the business which I really appreciated. It is nice to know that there are still people like her who keeps her both feet on the ground. I have met Tony from Viaje del Sol, His Excellency Former Ambassador to Doha Isiah Bigonia and his wife, famous Hair and make up guru James Cooper, Tito Ado Escudero and a lot more! (need more tissues please-nosebleeding!lolz). I really have to thank Tita Rosalie Escudero for bridging this! I owe you one tita!

The experience at Patis Tito Garden Cafe is not just professionally worthy, but moreso, it is gastronomically delightful!…. The place is indeed a must-see and visited whenever you are in San Pablo City…they just not offer good food, a wide array of environmental and provincial life!…..Kudos to the staff and to of course to Tito Tito and Tita Patis for such a concept-which is their way of life!

Patis Tito Garden Cafe (Formerly Kusina Salud) is located along Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Putol, San Pablo City. A mere 10-15 minutes drive from the city proper. Drive along Maharalika Highway towards Tiaong and you will see a signage to your left going to the location.


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