Meldy Way- Imelda Marcos on her 82nd Birthday

It has been more than 20 years and four presidents since the world famous Marcos Regime has ended due to the EDSA Revolution in 1986 that forced the Marcoses to go to Hawaii in exile and seek asylum. Yahoo Southeast Asia had an interview with Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

I was about 9 years old when they were ousted from Malacanan Palace and little did I know of what really is going on. Only hearsay from schoolmates, relatives and other critics that it is time to end up 2 decades of corruption in the government. I am not the type who easily believe others, as my parents has a different view of the Marcoses. I was at time bullied for a fact that I raise V sign rather than an L sign. Some calls us loyalists, some calls us-jerk?

As I grew up and observes the happenings in our country, I started to admire more the Marcoses. Whenever I see how a part of the Manila Bay were reclaimed to build the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philcite, Philippine International Convention Center, etc… I felt proud that Imelda is able to think of promoting the Philippine Culture and Arts, we are rich in this by the way. As I board the Light Rail Transit (LRT), I am impressed of Imelda’s vision of mobility in terms of over-train mode of transportation. As I visit the National Arts Center, amidst the Mount Makiling, I can’t help but appreciate how Imelda wants to hone talents. All these are products of her visits to the world which she wants to apply in the country for all our good. Imelda also concentrated on Health Services. The now Philippine Heart Center, used to be known as the Philippine Heart Center for ASIA, National Kidney Institute, Lung Center of the Philippines, Philippine Children’s Hospital, only to name a few are part of her sincere concern on the Filipino’s health conditions. Can you imagine that people all over asia comes to the Philippines for the Heart Center as it is known to be the best Cardio Center in Asia. Facilities are world-class, Doctors and Staff are sent to Europe and USA for trainings and all. Now, try to go and visit them and you will see the pathetic conditions of the facilities. It is indeed disheartening.

Yes, people claims that they are corrupt, that they have hundreds of billions of dollars in Swiss Banks, the Yamashita Treasure, all are claimed to be from the country’s pocket, but these were never proven. In fact, Imelda won over the 901 Cases filed against her and her family in New York in 1990. The world lie of her having a thousand shoes, these are exaggerations. A first Lady who have been in power for more than 2 decades, you expect her to have 2 pairs only?And besides, not all those shoes are bought, most are gifts. So, I have around 26 pairs of shoes, does that makes me a corrupt citizen?Or maybe because I am nobody that is why I am not biased by Media? Think! Forget about the Martial Law, I could have done the same way to avoid and get rid of criminals!

Now I have realized that my views since I was younger is just right. I have admired the Marcoses for their wits, intelligence and sincere love for the country. If in case that being corrupt is true about them, then who did not?Who among the past presidents after Ferdinand did not take even a single centavo? The consolation is, who has done so much to develop this country?If it is not for the stupidy and one-sidedness of the Filipino Minds, the Bataan Nuclear Powerplant could have been a great source of Electricity, not just here, but we can even provide electricity requirements to Japan and Korea! The Philippines during the Marcoses has a tiger economy already and is one of the richest in Southeast Asia. The US Dollar exhange rate at that time is only pegged at no more than $1 = Php 4 and that bloated out to 1000% in 20 years!

Imelda Romualdez Marcos, an epitome of beauty, brains and sincerity. I admire you for being true and for giving yourself much to develop the country. I salute you with all my heart. Happy, Happy 82nd Birthday Madame!


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