16 years and still counting….

Born on the 25th of July in the year 1977, it has been more than 3 decades of my existence in this earthly living. I am continuosly grateful to the Lord Almighty for letting me experience this journey called life.  A life without meaning is a useless one. A life without joys and tears are meaningless. What has life taught me?

Growing in an environment where I was the apple of the eye of the family, I felt so well-loved. I felt that I am the focal point of everyone’s attention. It is nice to reminisce and look back on those years where I get problematic only when I am hungry. It brings a smile on my face every time I remember how my Tatay and Inay (grandparents) takes care of me, bathe me, dresses me up, puts me to sleep, brings me out and all those prince-like treatment. I remember my Tatay one time when he has to shout to any member of the family when I am hurt, isn’t that a bit of being bratty? My Aunts and Uncles who never stopped kidnapping me from my parents at a very young age to bring them joy because of my naughtiness and wits. My cousins who never failed to bully me being the youngest at that time in the family. Ahhh….what a nice sight to remember.

Being an only child isn’t easy at all. Yes, you get all the attention, but there’s no one to whom you can throw the blame to! I am lucky to have such proud parents who raised me up in such a way that I am aware of the hardships of life. I was taught that things are never easy to get, that I have to work hard to achieve something. I owe that attitude to them. In whatever endeavor I engage myself into, I always try to remember that, there is no easy way, if I want to emerge victorious, it needs planning, working hard, prayer and patience as well.

I am proud to say that I have achieved about 70% of my dreams, all those that I have planned from childhood, but life is a continuous journey and still achieving more, for myself and for my family. I have had the best jobs, I have traveled to places I want to see, I have met people I am so honored to meet and I have wonderful parents who never gave up to temptations and surpassed the challenges of a married life.

This life is such a great one to have. There are problems, miseries, challenges, and concerns but they are all part of it, in order for you to grow and gear toward maturity. I am happy that I have lived this life. I am happy that I am blessed with friends who never doubted my sincerity. I am lucky that I have HAHAL beside me all the time. I am happy to have “some relatives” who accepted me for who and what I am and of course, I am so happy to have such wonderful parents who have given their unconditional all to me!

Yes indeed, 16 years and counting….I am 18 with 16 years of life experiences…and more more more!

Happy birthday to me!Thanks everyone for the greetings too, in anticipation!


About jowjowthinks

I love to think...and thinking makes me a better person by sharing my thoughts on issues, events, places, etc....
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